Giant Panda Putting Her Baby Back To Bed

The end it totally worth seeing

The Sweetest Thing You’ll Watch Today
There are few things cuter than baby pandas, and boy are you ever in for a treat with this little one.

In an effort to keep their endangered species a part of our global animal kingdom, many pandas populate sanctuaries where breeding programs hope to raise their numbers.

“According to the World Wildlife Organization, there are only about 1,800 giant pandas left in the wild,” LittleThings Staff Writer Amber James reported earlier this year. “More than 300 pandas live in zoos and breeding centers around the world, mostly in China.”

The Taipei Zoo, a research and conservation center in Taipei City, Taiwan and home to some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures, shared footage of a truly heartwarming moment between a giant panda named Yuan Yuan and her cub.

As Yuan Yuan’s baby wanders off, the panda baby seemingly heads off on a darling adventure during the earliest stages of learning how to walk. Having noticed that her little one had gone missing, Yuan Yuan heads off to find the cub. But her baby’s gotten bigger, and picking her up by the scruff is a little more difficult that it was when the cub was smaller. It take a couple of tries, but the end it totally worth seeing Yuan Yuan cradle her little one in her big arms.


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