Popular Baby Girl Names Of The 1800s That Are Making A Comeback!

Baby names change from decade to decade

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What’s in a name? Well, names are pretty important. Some people believe that their name influences their personality. So when it comes time for new parents to name their babies, there’s a lot to consider. Popular baby names change from decade to decade, and some names remain popular for centuries, like these baby names that are making a major comeback from the late 1800s!

If the 1800s don’t have the perfect name you’re looking for, but you still value an old-fashioned traditional name, there’s always Myrtle and Thelma to fall back on. Or, you can pick a cool name from your favorite generation (maybe not from the millennial generation, though).

Old-fashioned names are getting a “cool” revival among new parents, so click through the gallery to find out what baby girl names will most likely be the most popular girls’ names of the class of 2033 (if that seems like a century away, the names might be, but 2033 is only 18 years away)!

1. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

Contrary to popular belief, Mary is making a major comeback. In 1880, it was the top choice among parents for their daughters. It’s a biblical name, but it also has a proud, nurturing sensibility to it.

2. Anna Banana

Anna was the second most popular name in the 1880s. Whether you pronounce it Ah-na or Ann-uh, it’s still a beautiful classic for a little girl that will surely grow up to hold a high-powered professional job!

3. The British Influence: Emma

Not just a nickname for the ever-popular “Emily,” Emma is a classic British stand-alone name with an heir of sophistication and elegance.

4. Florence Isn't Just a City in Italy

Florence might be your great-great-grandmother’s name, but it’s gained a recent surge in popularity. People love to name their children after famous cities, so why not give the sixth most popular name of the 1890s a revival? Plus, Florence is a breathtaking place!

5. Ethel Isn't Your Average Sidekick

Ethel might automatically make you think of I Love Lucy, but it’s not just a name for a sidekick these days. Back in the 1890s, Ethel was the go-to-gal name. These days, Ethel is equal parts hipster as it is a name passed down the family tree like a badge of honor.

6. Minnie, Not The Mouse

Minnie is the sort of name that just automatically makes people like you. Try and find someone who doesn’t like Minnie Mouse, I bet you can’t! Minnie is an adorable name that would suite only the trendiest of little girls.

7. To the Moon, Alice

Alice was in the top ten most popular names during the 1880s. In 2015, it’s the perfect name for any little rebel rouser. Alice is a classic name that has spunk and individuality. Alice is a great fit for a little girl with a twinkle in her eye.

8. Annie, Always

Annie is a classic name that gained and lost popularity over time since the 1880s. However, in 2015, finding an Annie might be hard to come by. It’s a great name for a brand new baby girl and a family with traditional values. Plus, the movie Annie is one of the best musicals of all time!

9. Bertha, Believe It!

You better believe it! Bertha is actually making a major comeback. It might not be the first name you’d think of when looking at a beautiful bouncing baby girl, but remember, these tiny humans turn into grown women one day and there’s no name demanding some serious respect as there is Bertha.

10. I Can See Clara Now, The Rain Is Gone

Clearly, Clara isn’t just a top ten baby girl name from the 1890s. It’s on its way to becoming the most popular names of Generation Z. Just remember, you heard it here first, at LittleThings!


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