7 Complications Even the Happiest Couples Deal with ...

Realizing everyone has issues in their relationship can help you

Any relationships aren’t without complications
There’s no perfect relationship and if a couple tells you theirs is, they’re either in denial or haven’t been together long enough to discover it isn’t. Many people do have wonderful relationships but even those aren’t without complications. These’re 7 complications even the happiest couples deal with. Realizing everyone has issues in their relationship can help you to realize you’re not alone.

1. You’re Two Different People

This’s such a simplistic observation. It’s certainly not news. But you may not realize how very different you are. Even if you have a lot in common there can be clashes just because you’re different people. Accepting this can help minimize conflicts that occur when you try to force the other person to see things like you do.

2. The Introvert Vs Extrovert Issue

Many couples find themselves in this dynamic. Introverts and extroverts often pair up. If you’re wondering why this may be, it’s because we each seek someone to balance us out. Finding someone who’s our opposite is one way of balancing. This’s less of a complication when you accept your differences instead of fighting against them.

3. Speaking before Thinking

Speaking before thinking is something most of us do at times. The key here is to be forgiving when your partner does this and make an effort to do better next time when it’s you. Working to overcome this can help you have fewer arguments and hurt feelings in your relationship. It’s something that doesn’t happen overnight. Conquering this takes time.

4. Type A Meets Type B

Just like one of you may be an extrovert and one of you may be an introvert, you may find this equation in your marriage. Type A personalities often marry Type B personalities. Again, it’s a matter of us subconsciously being attracted to what balances us. You can actually learn a lot from each other in these instances. A Type A can help a Type B to have more structure and organization and a Type B can help a Type A to slow down and enjoy life more.

5. Someone in Your Partner’s Circle of Friends and Family Doesn’t like You

It’s always hurtful when this happens but it’s not uncommon. The key here is to remember that the person who doesn’t like you is outside of your relationship. They aren’t included in the intimate bond you have. Once you learn this, you’ll have more confidence handling this situation. In fact, you may even find that friend or family member’s actions humorous.

6. Underestimating the Differences in Men and Women in General

Men and women have some major differences in how they think and feel. I vastly underestimated this for years. I’m in my 30s and only began realizing how big those differences are a few years ago. A book that helped openmy eyes to this is “For Women Only.” Realizing how each other thinks and feels can help you to have fewer misunderstandings in your relationship.

7. Handling Conflict Differently

More than likely, you and your partner handle conflict differently. Some people prefer to talk things out immediately while others want to be left alone with their thoughts. Understanding the differences in how you and your partner handle conflict is important. After you learn this, you can work toward finding a way of handling it that works for you both. The most important thing is that you find a good strategy for conflict resolution.

These’re some of the complications even the happiest couples deal with.


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