The Best Hair Tools for Natural Hair ...

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Are you a woman with natural hair?
If you have natural hair, the products that work on women with straight hair might not work for you. That's why you should buy the products that Refinery 29 recommend. Here they are:

1. Ouidad Double Detangling Comb

This comb will tackle any type of knot.

2. Colortrak Tools the Croc Clip

This little clips will grasp a massive amount of hair at a time.

3. A Plastic Processing Cap

If you're going to deep condition your hair, you need this product.

4. Wide-Tooth Shower Comb

The teeth of this comb are wide, so it works well on natural hair while still detangling it.

5. Satin Scarf & Bonnet

This will make you look fierce and fabulous.

6. Studio Drying Gloves

Use this to squeeze extra product out of your hair.

7. Diffuser Attachment

This will prevent your hair from becoming damaged.

These products will help you look your best all year long!


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