This wooden kinetic sculpture perfectly mimics a hummingbird

Derek Hugger’s latest kinetic sculpture

400 precisely machined gears

Containing over 400 precisely machined gears, cams and other aesthetic elements, Derek Hugger’s latest kinetic sculpture, Colibri, mimics a hovering hummingbird. Although the flying movements are unmistakable, the structure has much more in common with a clock than a bird.

Every movement of the element is completely mechanized, from the wings flapping to the tail flaring. The intricate connection systems, gears and cams brings the sculpture to life with a steady stream of articulations meticulously timed. So each engine is associated with bird movement cycles by the simple turn of a crank. This project took about 700 hours to make.

You can see more of his incredible kinetic engineering creations on his website, where he also sells detailed instructions on how to make them yourself. Although I doubt anyone other than himself would have the patience to do so. Did we mention it took him 700 hours? Yea, good luck with that.


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