Don't forget to do these things on your first date ...

Keep certain things in mind

Going out with a new man
If you're going out with a new man soon, you need to keep certain things in mind. If you want the evening to go well, then you shouldn't forget to do these things that Your Tango believes are important:

1. Talk about Traveling, Not Movies

It's better to talk about your own adventures than your favorite character's adventures. That way, you'll get to know each other better.

2. Keep the Conversation Balanced

You should listen as much as you talk. Don't keep the spotlight on you.

3. Share Personal and Emotional Information about Yourself

This will help you two create a bond. You don't have to say anything too deep. Just something genuine.

4. Instead of Avoiding Controversial Topics, Go for Them

Don't listen to what society tells you. If you want to ask them if they have an STD, go for it.

5. Ask if They like the Taste of Beer

It sounds funny, but beer lovers are more likely to have sex with someone they've just met.


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