Smarty charger can change the world of smart devices

How to increase the shelf life of your mobile devices

It solves all problems pertaining to charging
If you’ve ever wondered how to increase the shelf life of your mobile devices then switch to Smarty Charger. That is correct, the Smarty Charger can solve all problems pertaining to charging and even theft of your smartphone or tablet. This gadget can prove to be useful for a range of other activities as well.

It was concluded from a survey that more than 90% of the smartphone owners want more battery life for their mobile phones. Also, according to Consumer Reports, in United States of America alone,3.1 million smartphones were stolen in 2013, which was nearly a 100% increase from 2012. If you have ever had a phone stolen, you know how frustrating it is. And it’s not only about the money, but also the valuable data stored and most importantly the fear your personal information being misused including bank & credit card details.

What is this Smart Charger?
It is a charger that can protect your smartphone, tablet or laptop in case of pilfering and acts like a power bank that can extend the battery life of mobile devices by 50-300%! You can simply use a USB cable to start charging the batteries without having to connect to a power source. This device has a lot of potential to do well in the market because in this technology driven world, we all heavily depend on mobile devices of all kinds. Be it an iPod to listen to music, a phone for texting or a tab for chatting, we cannot imagine our lives without the internet and all these machines at all. The Smarty Charger is a solution to many problems like charger on the go and easy to carry external charging device.

What does it aim to solve?
The usefulness of this charger becomes evident when you start using it for real. The hassles that you face in day to day life are probably more important chores to be attended over wracking your brains with charging your devices. As an owner of this charger, all you need is to sit tight and watch it put an end to your all your worries of charging and protecting your phone. In times like these when we don’t remember our passwords, this charger seems fit to solve the challenges of:

1. Charge hungry power banks;
2. Additional battery that we tend to forget to charge;
3. Solar charger that is way too heavy to be carried around along with its price tag.

Key features of the product:
This charger can do a lot more than what ordinary chargers do. Here are a few specifications that make it seem credible enough to invest in it:
  • All in one – It is a multiple use tool that has a battery backup of 2600 mAh 5 V output which can be employed for a host of activities like:
  • Charging
  • As a power bank
  • It has two modes of charging, that includes normal as well as accelerated charging
  • Security device
  • Data cable
  • Easy to use – This Type B adapter can connect to any smart device and weighs less than 250 g that makes it a convenient contrivance. It is compact in size which means it can be carried along without much trouble.
  • Secured – This smart charger has a GPS tracker that can help you relocate your lost or stolen devices in a very scientific way. It gets paired with the UIN and IMEI number of devices that are charged with it. In case of misplacement or even theft the very moment when the stolen device is plugged into an identified gadget, it starts emitting signals about the location along with the SIM card number of the lost device. This means people can not only retrieve their phones but also protect all their personal information like SSN and credit card details from getting misused. All this is done by the use of advanced technology that makes it possible for people locate lost devices in a jiffy.


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