Puppy Doesn’t Want To Use Stairs

Moments like these that make our pets so funny

He Finds Another Way Down
It’s no secret that sometimes tiny puppies have trouble going down those big, scary steps. And we love it when their early attempts are caught on camera by their loving owners. This adorable corgi didn’t let one step deter him from his destination, and this puppy did it with the help of his owner. I mean, how cute are they?!

But I thought the smart fellow in this next video beat them out. Like the others, he’s afraid of going downstairs — but instead of braving the steps, he tries to find another way…or at least he thought he did!

The puppy approaches the edge of the top stair, and thinking that next to him is a solid surface to land on, he makes an epic jump into the bush! What a surprise it must have to find out that leap (and drop) was much bigger than he expected…

Luckily, the puppy emerges from the bush unscathed. He doesn’t even seem shaken by the rough landing! If only this little guy knew that his attempt to outsmart the stairs was making him a viral sensation…

We love little moments like these that make our pets so funny and unique!


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