Reasons You Should Have Sex As Much As Possible

10 reasons you should have sex as much as possible

If you think sex is just for fun, think again
1. Healthy Immune System

Whether you are just getting over a cold or are getting ready for flu season, have some sex. It boosts your IgA levels, which help protect you from infections and the flu.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

Sex helps lower your blood pressure, which in turn reduces your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Thanks Obama.

3. Burn Calories

Sex can be a workout. You can burn 140+ calories for every half hour of sack time. So there’s some motivation to last longer.

4. Stress Relief

Self explanatory. But there is some science behind it. It boosts your fell-good hormones, which in turn raises self-esteem and happiness levels.

5. Improve Sleep

Prolactin is released and that acts as a natural sleep agent. So skip the horse tranquilizer.

6. Improves Your Appearance

Testosterone and Estrogen are released, which make you feel and look younger than you really are…

7. Pain Reliever – Fever Reducer

Skip the Excedrin. Orgasm the pain away.

8. Less Chance of Prostate Cancer

Fact: If you blow your load 20+ times monthly, it reduces your chances of prostate cancer.

9. Less Chance of Cramps

Fact: If you masturbate as a female, you will have less cramps. Why? Because science and contractions.

10. Boosts Your Libido

The more sex you have, the more you are ready for it and the longer you will last.


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