Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Actually Shouldn't Bring Back ...

In the past women weren't treated as equals

Few old fashioned dating habits we should keep in the past
We love to glorify the olden days, but they weren't as great as we like to think they are. After all, in the past, women weren't treated as equals. Why would you want to go back to that way of thinking? Instead of talking about the old fashioned dating habits that we should resurrect, here are a few old fashioned dating habits we should keep in the past:

1. The Man Always Pays

It's nice to order a fancy dinner without the responsibility of paying. However, do you really want a man to take care of you financially? If you have the money to pay for your own dinner, then you should at least go dutch and split the bill. That way, he'll realize that you're capable of taking care of yourself. Then he'll understand that you don't need him around. You just keep him around, because you like him.

2. You Should Have Sex after Three Dates

There's a silly old rule that says a couple should have sex on the third date. However, that's a ridiculous concept. If you want to wait a year, then you should wait a year. If you're so attracted to him that you want to sleep with him on the first date, then do so. Whatever makes you happy.

3. The Man Should Make the First Move

If you like a guy, you shouldn't wait around for him to ask you out. Move things along by walking up to him and asking him out yourself. Some guys are shy, which means they might never take the initiative. It's better for you to do the dirty work than for you to wonder what could've been.

4. Men Should Make the Date Plans

If you have an opinion, don't be afraid to share it. That means you're allowed to tell your partner where you want to go on your date. You don't have to give him all of the responsibility. If you have a fun idea, then tell him. He'll be relieved.

5. Play Hard to Get

If a guy you like asks you out, you don't have to pretend your schedule is too busy to fit in a date with him. Just accept his offer and have a blast! Why would you pretend that you're not interested, even though he's already show interest in you? It's silly. Just be honest with him from the start.

6. Don't Involve Technology

Some people miss the days when technology didn't exist. However, it's actually super helpful when it comes to relationships. Phones and laptops can help you connect with your partner, even when you're miles away. It'll make you two feel closer than ever.

7. The Woman Should Order a Salad

There's no reason to pretend that you don't eat. Your partner knows that you need food to survive. So if you hate salads, don't order them at a restaurant. No decent man would mind if you ordered a hamburger in front of him. In fact, he'll probably be relieved that your stomach won't be growling the whole night.

It's time to stop wishing we lived in the olden days and appreciate the fact that we live in the modern world.


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