Don't Forget to Take These Photos when You Are about to Get Married ...

Make sure that they are taken

Think in advance
I know that when I got married, I completely and utterly forgot about all of the photos that I wanted to take on my wedding day. I vowed, then and there that I'd pass along all of the photos that you should pass along to your photographer to make sure that they take.

Take a look! My fave is 5!

1. The Shoes

2. Getting Ready in the Hotel Room

3. Lacing up

4. Sweetheart Chairs

5. The Crowning

6. Final Veil Look

7. Final Makeup Touches

8. Beautiful Intimate Details

9. All the Makeup

10. The Heart Details

11. The Cute Messages from Your Partner

12. The Program

13. Dress Details – It's ALL about the Details

14. Preparing

15. The Dress – without You in It

16. The Breathtaking Cake

17. Kissing

18. Looking down

19. The Flowers

20. The Venue

21. Signing Your License

22. Anything Candid

23. Putting on Jewelry

24. The Radiant Smile

25. The Tears

26. The Funny Side of Marriage

27. Bouquet Details

28. Sweet Kisses on Forehead

29. The Reception


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