This Art Installation Uses 30 Tons of Colorful Sand

The installation will morph and change as visitors play

The Practice of Freedom
The Dream City by Adam Kalinowski is a new interactive art installation in Doha, Qatar. Using colorful boxes of plywood filled with 30 tons of sand in matching shades, the Polish artist created a whimsical venue in which participants can play and experiment. Although the grains are initially arranged neatly in boxes, people are encouraged to move and mix them. The installation will morph and change as visitors play, and it will never be able to return to its original form.

This is not Kalinowski's first time working with colored sand. The Practice of Freedom and The Practice of Freedom II also offered participants colorful worlds to walk through barefoot. As time
went on, the sands swirled into disorderly rainbows.


'ThePractice of Freedom II'


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