They Thought Pit Bulls Were Mean Dogs

Watch What Happens When They Meet Them

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month
From news stories that perpetuate pit bulls as vicious to the spreading of misinformation, much of society is groomed to think these dogs can't be trusted. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, due to their stigma, pit bulls and pit bull mixes are the most unlikely dogs to be adopted from local shelters.

But if you've ever loved a pit bull, you know they are incredibly caring — and great with kids. These dogs are kind and loving dogs by nature.

In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, it’s time to set the record straight about pit bulls and help dispel many of the common myths about the breed.

(*Note, all of the dogs pictured below are ready for adoption through Petfinder at time of publication. Click their photos to learn more about these pups and other dogs like them.)

1. Pit bulls are extremely easy to train. They actually aim to please their owners and are sensitive to your feelings. Verbal training comes quite naturally to this breed.

2. Pit bulls were considered to be so trustworthy with children that they were known as "nanny dogs."

3. Pit bulls are remarkably affectionate and crave human attention. They are wonderful at cuddling and nothing beats a belly rub.

4. There are no inherent differences in Pit bulls compared to other dog breeds. Every dog is an individual.

5. Pit bulls are great around other pets. (In fact, Charlie, pictured below, lives in a foster home with two birds and a 4-year-old Maltese dog, but he's ready to find his forever home. You can find more information on Charlie at Petfinder.)

6. Pit bulls were popular mascots in early 20th Century America, appearing often on Army recruitment posters and other advertisements.

7. Pit bulls are easy to care for with their short fur and don’t require any special grooming, but they may need coats for walks in cold temperatures.

8. American pit bull terriers are a favored pet of many famous celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, Jon Stewart, Jessica Biel, and Michael J. Fox.

9. American pit bull terriers are used as therapy dogs to visit the elderly and patients recovering from emotional trauma.

10. Early socialization is the key to a happy and confident pit bull.

11. Because of their focus and determination, pit bulls have proven to be excellent candidates for search-and-rescue work.

12. Pit bulls with high energy levels excel at canine sports like agility

13. Pit bulls have been on the cover of Life magazine three times – more than any other dog.

14. "Pit bull" is actually a generic term applied to various breeds including the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Blue Blood Bulldog and Dogo Argentino.

15. Despite popular misconceptions, pit bulls do not make ideal guard dogs because they are so people-oriented.


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