Quinny longboardstroller is a fresh approach to urban family mobility

Official launch of the ‘longboardstroller’

Multiple safety innovations
After two years of development, quinny is proud to announce the official launch of the ‘longboardstroller’. Thanks to multiple safety innovations, this cheeky concept has evolved into a unique product that is ready to hit the streets of europe. This fresh approach to urban mobility gives the experience and freedom of riding a longboard and enables parents to travel faster and further than with a regular stroller. Drawing on the expertise of longboarding enthusiasts and parents, quinny developed the product until it was exactly right. The ‘longboardstroller’ uses leading components and materials to deliver a high-quality product. with safety in mind, quinny tested and adjusted with many smart design innovations such as the padded bumper bar and an intuitive handbrake system for optimal control.
The stroller sits rigid on the elongated front nose of the longboard
For safety, the longboardstroller includes a brake system
Turning is exactly the same as with a traditional longboard
It’s foldable and easy to carry
The front handlebar includes a bumper for safety


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