The kotatsu enables you to stay cozy all day

It gets you closer to becoming a full-time bed slug

Another reason to stay in bed
As if you need another reason to stay in bed, this Japanese invention realizes your dream and gets you closer to becoming a full-time bed slug. The kotatsu enables a pretty cost efficient and more social way of staying warm in colder seasons.
Ramping up the heat all winter in an entire dwelling can get pretty expensive, but the kotatsu offers a cheaper and efficient alternative to just have a single centralized heat source. The concept is pretty basic but it consists of blanket over a low table frame and hard table surface on top. The heat source is underneath the structure, and when sitting at the table with legs under the blanket it can warm your whole body. The hard table top allow you to eat or work while staying warm under the blanket.

The origins of the kotatsu actually date back to 14th century Japanese irori, a cooking mechanism that centers for social interaction as well. The modern take on this is actually movable and uses electric heat, avoiding dangerous run ins with hot coals. Optional add-ons would be the surrounding floor coaches that can recline back, adjusting for your every comfort.


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