The Scariest Trail in The World

Use safety gear while going up there

You Will Never Guess Where It Leads
These stairs below are called ” the heavenly stairs ” its on a mountain in china called mt. Hua Shan . The stairs go so far up the mountain its hard to see where they end. If you let your curiosity lead you and walk up the stairs you will find the worlds most dangerous trail , it is called the hua shan plank path. The path goes way up on the mountain side and it is highly recommended that you use safety gear while going up there. The trail itself is amazing but when you reach the top you will be shocked.

Just by looking at these stairs you know this trail is not normal

Honestly , the stairs are the easiest part of the trail

This doesn’t stop thousands of people to make the dangerous climb to the top..

As you climb on top of the mountain you pass through little houses

Once you get high enough , you can take the gondola to another peak for the real trail

Welcome to the worlds most dangerous trail


There’s nothing keeping you from falling down

There are parts of the trails where you need to climb just by placing your toes in holes

Its scary just looking at it


15 : Six thousands people dressed as Santa run a mini marathon to get in the holiday spirit

If you have what it takes to keep climbing…

You will find something truly awesome on the top…

At the very top of the southern peak you will find an old taoist temple that has been converted into…wait for it…

A tea-house – thousands of people climb the most dangerous trail in the world. to see a tea house


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