Bad Makeup Habits You Have to Drop ...

It makes you feel altogether lovely

If there’re any bad makeup habits you have
Makeup is fun, exciting and makes you feel altogether lovely, wouldn’t you agree? But bad habits can creep in and sabotage your efforts. This can leave you with a makeup look you don’t want or even skin problems. Check this list to see if there’re any bad makeup habits you have to drop.

1. Skipping Moisturizer

Moisturizer is important for more than one reason. It moisturizes your face but it also helps your face to have a smoother surface for your makeup to go on. Your foundation will glide more easily when you apply moisturizer first. There’re many different brands of moisturizer to choose from. The most important thing is that you choose one that’s right for your skin type.

2. Not Blending Your Foundation

Ladies, no one wants to commit the jaw line makeup faux pas. The look of foundation stopping dramatically and all at once isn’t attractive. Avoid this blunder by always blending your foundation well. Making sure you’re wearing the right shade, too. To find out for sure, try it on your face and look at it in natural lighting.

3. Only Lining Your Eyes on the Bottom

Eyeliner is a beautiful addition to your makeup routine. But it’s a makeup that can easily go wrong if you aren’t careful. One mistake that can trip you up is only wearing eyeliner on the bottom. You can get away with wearing it only on top but not only on bottom. Always balance bottom eyeliner with top eyeliner.

4. Pumping Your Mascara Wand

This’s so tempting, isn’t it? It makes you feel like you’re getting more product but it doesn’t work very well. It also pushes air down into the tube of your mascara which makes it dry out more quickly. You’re better off to plan to change out your mascara every 2-3 months. This way you’ll always have plenty of mascara in your tube and you’re following good eye makeup hygiene guidelines.

5. Not Cleaning Your Brushes

I’m guilty of this, too. It’s just so hard to squeeze in, isn’t it? I know it seems like an unnecessary chore but neglecting it can cause breakouts. If we could see the bacteria hiding in our makeup brushes then we’d probably all be more motivated to clean them. It’s a simple chore though; use a bit of your facial cleanser and warm water then rinse well and allow to air dry.

6. Sleeping in Your Makeup

This’s one of the worst makeup habits of all! Sleeping in your makeup can cause clogged pores, breakouts and even early signs of aging. Your skin needs to breathe, ladies! We all have nights when we’re beyond exhausted. Keep some makeup removing cloths on your nightstand for those times so you can always take your makeup off.

7. Not Applying Top Coat to Your Nails

This last tip can make a big difference in how long your manicure lasts. Going without a top coat means you’re going to have chips pretty quickly. Top coat protects your manicure from chips and gives it a long lasting shine. I love the top coats in the Essie line of nail products but you may have your own favorite brand. You’ll see a big difference in your nails when you start adding top coat into your manicure routine.


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