25 Extreme Close-Ups of Colorful Insects

Accurate and detailed pictures of native bees

The beauty of little creatures
Since 1936, the USGS Native Bee Inventory and Monitoring Program has taken great pride in addressing the most important problems in natural resource conservation and wildlife management. Today, they assist the nation’s land management agencies through ecological and biological research, by providing scientific data though continental monitoring of wildlife populations. As part of that research they’ve captured accurate and detailed pictures of native bees and the plants and the insects they interact with. It really shows the beauty of these little creatures, so you better think twice before you “high-five” the next Centris Decolorata ;).

1. Chrysidid Wasp
2. Megachile brevis
3. Osmia pumila
4. Megachile gemula
5. Melissodes coreopsis
6. Centris decolorata
7. Svastra atripes
8. Hoplitis fulgida
9. Centris decolorata
10. Fly Golden Baby
11. Osmia lignaria
12. Pachymelus bicolor
13. bee ceratina monster
14. Coelioxys cayennensis
15. Euryglossidia
16. Meganomia sp
17. Deer Fly
18. Deer Fly
19. Yellow Jacket Mimic Fly
20. Tabanus atratus
21. Tabanus Fly
22. Centris haemorrhoidalis
23. Bombus auricomas
24. Halictus ligatus
25. Calliphora vicina


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