Cute animal pictures are good for your brain: SCIENCE

Without cute baby animal pictures where would the internet be?

Adorable/hilarious images of our animal friends
If you've ever used Google for work or study purposes, you've no doubt been sucked into the never-ending abyss of adorable/hilarious images of our animal friends instead. (Haven't tried it yet? Get on board). But there may be hope for your productivity yet — a study has revealed that looking at cute animals may actually improve your concentration! We can hear your high-fiving from here.

So, with that in mind, we thought we'd give you a little help with your research/study/work. Here are a few of our favourite things that we hope will not only warm your heart — but may also help you concentrate on what you need to get done today.

You're welcome.

1 These eyelashes.

Helen is a blind calf rescuedby FreedomHill Sanctuary. She loves to smell faces, and cuddle.

2 These ears.

Millie the rescued greyhound is known as 'Sydney's first bionic dog' — she hasfound a loving forever home thanks to Greyhound Rescue

3 This face.

This affectionate little owl was cared for and rehabilitated by Bohollow Wildlife Shelter. Photo by Tamara Kenneally Photography

4 This wardrobe malfunction.

Leon Trotsky is a lucky piglet who shot to fame after being surrendered to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary with a broken pelvis.

5 These best friends.

Frankie and Lulu have adapted to thecreature comforts after both being rescued from factory farms by Brightside Farm Sanctuary

6 This little chick and his new carer.

This baby chick and his friends were rescued by a caringphotographer, Candice, whose senior dog Champ was more than happy to take them under his 'wing'. Photo by Candice Sedighan Photography

7 These tiny, tiny legs.

Harrison was rescued from a stock yard by Freedom Hill Sanctuary

8 These lips. And ears. And face. And jumper.

Elsa was rescued from a freezing paddock by a kind stranger. She is now thriving at Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

9 This hug.

A hen's embrace means warmth, protection — and life — to her babychicks. Chickens make great mums!


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