27 Cats Who Made Hilariously Poor Life Choices

Cats almost seem foolproof

Sure that cats never fail?
Cats are incredibly beautiful and majestic creatures and never fail to amaze us with their agility and elegance, they almost seem foolproof.

But are we really sure that cats never fail? Here is some photographic evidence that sometimes cats regret their poor life choices, too.

1. I regret so much going outside today

2. Let me iiiin! I thought I wanted to go out but I wanted to stay iiiin!

3. Oh man it looks so comfy inside

4. Why did I do this

5. Why?

6. It looked such a safe place

7. Human, please help

8. How did I get here

9. I know I told you to let me out but…

10. Humaaan!

11. I know…

12. Poor life choice

13. Nope

14. Dennis is not impressed

15. Why

16. All of a sudden, a banana

17. Nope

18. Nooope

19. I regret that Yoga lesson

20. If I fits…

21. It looked so safe

22. Human, go call somebody

23. Pleaseee

24. Bad move

25. I regret trusting you, human

26. I regret coming outside, human

27. Why did I get into this bag


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