Tape Face's bizarre 'AGT' act cracks even Simon's icy exterior, eliciting smiles all around

"It was simple ... clever, unique, brilliant."

Expressive eyes to crack up the judges
Judge Simon Cowell is not one to suffer fools lightly, but one mime's silent comedy audition on "America's Got Talent" seemed to warm even
the toughest judge. As the performer known "Tape Face" entered, Cowell's sour expression said it all. After the routine featuring songs "Endless Love" and "Lady in Red," it seemed Cowell and the judging panel felt pretty enamored.

"I like the fact we don't know who you are," Cowell said, as reported in the New York Daily News. "It was simple ... clever, unique, brilliant." Judge and comedian Howie Mandel didn't wait for the end of the act to show his enthusiasm. He clapped from his seat, at one point exclaiming, "That's brilliant! Brilliant."

According to the New York Daily News article, Tape Face is actually a New Zealand mime and comic named Sam Wills. The performer used his large, expressive eyes to crack up the judges during his performance of a hot pad romance and solo slow-dance routine.

You really must see this performance to understand why the judges found themselves laughing uncontrollably. Know someone who needs a good laugh themselves today? Send this quirky performance to them.


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