Deer Photobombs Newborn's Photo Shoot

“She just makes our photo shoots more magical"

A whole new level of cuteness

A photographer who specializes in taking pictures of children and babies has uncovered a whole new level of cuteness.

Meet Maggie, an especially friendly deer who’s been stumbling into Megan Rion’s photo shoots since early this summer.

So far, she has been in six different photo shoots, the Louisiana-based photographer told Fox News.

The picture above – which recently went viral – was taken when Rion was shooting baby Conner, who turned one-month-old that day.

“There are other deer that come up with her but none will get as close as Maggie will,” Rion wrote in an email. “She shows up for five to 15 minutes, then strolls on her way.”


Although Maggie has become a popular attraction in her photographs, Rion says she can’t guarantee when she shows up. “She just makes our photo shoots more magical when she does appear,” she said. “Older kids are super excited.”

Maggie, a rescue who was bullied as a younger deer for having human scent on her, is identified by a “notch in her ear,” said Rion.


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