The Best Board Games to Play with Your BF ...

Sit around your house and enjoy each other's company

Best games for couples
You can't go out on exciting dates every single weekend. Sometimes, you'll just have to sit around your house and enjoy each other's company. Since you don't want to spend your entire date watching television, you should buy some board games to play. If you find the right one, you'll have a blast! Since you probably don't want to spend hours searching for something fun to play, here are a few of the best games for couples:

1. Mancala

This is an old game that looks pretty boring, but can actually be tons of fun. It doesn't take long to learn the rules, so you'll get the hang of it right away. It's a two player game, and all you have to do is get as many gems as you can onto your side of the board. The best part?

The board isn't all that big, so you can toss it in your pocketbook and play it with your man wherever you go.

2. Guillotine

This game is meant to last about a half hour. It's easy to learn, fast paced, and you can play it again and again. Plus, the concept of the game is a funny one. Both you and your boyfriend will play the role of rival guillotine operators who are trying to collect the best heads.

3. Lost Cities

This is a card game that takes about a half hour to complete. You two will be acting as explorers who are aiming to go on the craziest adventures that they can. During every one of the three rounds, you'll earn points by going on daring expeditions. The person with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

4. Qwirkle

This board game doesn't actually contain a board. It simply provides you with a bunch of blocks. No, that doesn't mean that this game is for children. It's actually a twist on Scrabble and matching games, where you must place matching blocks on the table or ground in front of you. It's an entertaining game that'll make you think, and it only takes 45 minutes to play.

5. Mastermind

You might've played this game before. All you have to do is place a few different colored balls on the board where your opponent cannot see them. Then they're going to try to match the colors that you've chosen. Whenever they get a color right, you have to tell them, so that they have a higher chance of guessing the order right on their next turn.

6. Small World

You can play this game with your partner, even though it's meant for two to six players. Just make sure you have a lot of time on your hands, because it can take up to an hour to play. What do you have to do? Well, "players vie for conquest and control of a board that is simply too small to accommodate them all."

7. Sex! the Board Game

If you're playing a game with your partner, you might as well make it sexual. There are plenty of games out there that are meant to bring you two closer together (physically and emotionally). This game in particular will allow you and your lover to "engage in erotic foreplay and tantalizing treats." Now doesn't that sound like fun?


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