You will never want to leave this Norwegian Hotel

Tucked away in small village on the northwest coast of Norway

Immediate closeness with a part of nature
Most people view hotels as a temporary lodging, a place to simply rest their head while traveling from point A to point B. Other may indulge with fancy penthouses or room service, pampering themselves just for that short duration. Then there are places like Juvet which spoil you with breathtaking views and minimalistic interim of simply nature.

Don’t get me wrong any avid primitive camper would scoff at the modern architecture and criticize the views framed by spotless glass. However this housing gem, tucked away in small village on the northwest coast of Norway serves to not just boast its magnificent surroundings but harness its beauty for those who care to be stricken by its landscapes.

Offering a variation of accommodation, the development is meant to relax, soothe away anxieties and allow you to feel the immediate closeness with a part of nature seemingly untouched, with mountains and rivers literally at your doorstep.

The “birdhouses” offer single housing and contain more minimalist architecture. The format is described as “stabburet” which they define as a traditional Norwegian log cabin originally used for food storage.

“Landscape rooms” or double rooms are suggested for those craving more lustrous panoramas, while the farmhouse built in the 1870 can function for larger gatherings or events.

A spa is also available on the premises for those who insist on even more indulgence and relaxation. Allowing you to know without a doubt that mud mask is 100% authentic. For those with an appetite for something more basic and instinctual, beyond the Landscape rooms and the spa are the Mountain Cabin and Mill house. Both very modest in size yet even closer to nature, containing no running water or electricity, but guaranteed to get your fix of primal living.

Certainly not like anything you have every seen before, Juvet lodging will undoubtedly fulfill all of your outdoor longings, while bestowing a condition of living that will be hard to ever leave.


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