These Adorable Animal Puns Are Sure To Bring A Smile To Your Day

The puns are silly,but that’s what makes them so perfect

Everyone loves puns
You love puns. You may say you don’t, but we know that’s not true. Because everyone loves puns.

Even if puns aren't your thing, you kind of can't look at this without smiling.

And her art style makes them all the better.

Besides illustrating, Corrigan also likes to create felted wool sculptures and hang out with her pet axolotls and cockatiel.

Corrigan has created artwork for many large clients, and clothing and items with her work on them can be found at stores like Urban Outfitters.

Her ultimate dream is to illustrate children's books, and we think she'd be fantastic!

Sometimes the puns practically make themselves.

But no matter how easily they come, they're always amusing.

Like, come on. You totally laughed at this.

And if you're not totally pleased by now, you may, in fact, be an inanimate object.

After reading through these animal puns, you might find yourself making up some of your own.

Don't fight it. Just turn to the dark side.

It's pretty clear that life is better with illustrated animal puns.


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