7 Easy Organizing Ideas You’ll Actually Want To Try

Be organized!

Tiny changes, big difference!
1. Use the Unroll.me app to declutter your inbox and get rid of all of your unwanted email subscriptions.

It’s basically like Tinder for email subscriptions.

2. Pick one thing that’s slowly taking over your fridge and put it in a bin.

Juice boxes hidden in every nook and cranny? Put them all in one small bin. Hot sauce fanatic? Corral all those spicy fuckers. You don’t have to divide your entire fridge (because that does take some time), but if you like having one bin, you can think about adding others.

3. Choose your clothes for the school or work week on Sunday evening.

Or if you’re a parent, pick out outfits for yourself and your kids. This doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind in the middle of the week, but it might save you time every morning! And if you’re feeling ~fancy~.

4. Rearrange one drawer so you can see everything in it — by turning folded clothes on their ends.

Whether or not you want to try sorting things by whether or not they “spark joy”, the KonMari method for organizing a pajama drawer can really help you find what you need. The t-shirt filing system works similarly, although it requires you to install some hardware.

5. Put every hair tie you own on a carabiner.

Then put that carabiner somewhere you will see it when you need hair ties (maybe it’s your gym bag, or your purse, or in your medicine cabinet). The problem of never being able to find hair ties when you need them? Solved.

6. Spend a few minutes wrapping and labeling the cords under your desk.

Or wherever the cords in your life are messiest.

7. Transform your linen closet (or drawer) by storing each of your sheet sets in one of their pillowcases.

The pillowcases stack neatly, and you can easily grab everything you need for clean sheet day at once.


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