Are You Eating Enough to Fuel Your Workout?

Keep up your energy level

Stronger for longer
You exercise for countless hours throughout the week with weights, cardio, body weight and stretching and you may wonder if you are fueling your body adequately. How much food should you be eating? And are you eating proper nutrition for recovery. All these questions are important in helping you to achieve amazing results and also keep up your energy levels. If your nutrition is off and you are eating too much this can sabotage your results and if you are not eating enough you can make yourself sick. So as a certified trainer and nutritionist, let me share with you tips to ensure you are eating enough to fuel your workout. These tips will have you exercise stronger for longer and feeling your best!

1. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Start your day the right way and break the fast with a healthy breakfast complete with protein. This small choice can help you to fuel a great workout later in the day. Additionally having protein for breakfast will help you to feel full longer.

2. Eat Mini Meals Throughout the Day

Small meals throughout the day is much better for your body than having three larger meals. Small meals are easier for the body to process and this can help you to fuel your workout. So boost that metabolism and be ready for a run at any given time by grazing rather than gorging on your meals.

3. Eat 30 Minutes after Your Workout

After you complete your super sweat session and are feeling accomplished to have completed such a great workout, enjoy lean protein. Your lean protein can be a shake, salad or even a Greek yogurt. By choosing to refuel with protein your muscles will recover quicker and you will feel better!

4. Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein

Make sure your diet is balanced and you are consuming enough protein throughout the day. By choosing to do so, you will lower your body fat stores and help to fuel your workout.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Carbs

The biggest myth is for people to lose weight you have to give up carbs. Carbs are great source of energy and can help you tremendously in fueling your workouts. However, just make sure you choose the right carbs, complex carbs so your body will take longer to break this down and it does not get stored as fat.

6. Fuel during Your Workout

As you train like a beast, make sure you fuel your body like one too. You can have portable fruit like an apple or banana during your workout to keep your body fueled and ready to continue. If you are an endurance athlete exercising for several hours fueling during your workout will be key to helping you to continue strong!

7. Ensure You Are Eating Enough Vitamins and Minerals

Eat plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure you are eating properly to help your muscle fiber restoration and boost your immunity. Enjoy salads, fruits, green shakes and whole grains to treat your body the right way with healthy food choices. And if you need help seek a local nutritionist to create a custom meal plan suitable to your workout plans.

Fuel your body with proper nutrition so you can have the best workouts and feel great!


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