Two Boys Stun The Crowd

Musical duo Bars & Melody

Emotional Performance
Ask just about anyone about the toughest part of growing up, and they’ll all say the same thing: middle school is the worst.

Preteens are going through so much insecurity and change that kids in that age group tend to create a nasty environment of competition and bullying. If you’re the odd one out, it can be a rough couple of years.

Assuming you don’t have a gang of local bikers to protect you like this little girl, what’s a vulnerable kid to do? Well, one boy from Wales decided to write music about it.

Leo Devries, now 15, started writing down raps after being the victim of intense bullying in school, and eventually decided to channel his work into something bigger by teaming up with another talented boy around the same age, Charlie Lenehan, now 17.

Together, the pair appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 as the musical duo Bars & Melody. Immediately, the crowd responded to their heartfelt sound, and even the judges weren’t immune. I haven’t seen Simon Cowell so emotional since this performance brought him to tears!

The boys truly have a beautiful shared talent, melding Charlie’s lovely melodies with the heartfelt emotion behind Leo’s rapping. Plus, it’s wonderful to see a negative experience like bullying channeled in such a positive way! Check out the video below to see the boys in action, and the incredible moment that Simon finally reacts.


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