How to Pick up a Guy at a Party ...

Be the party animal who gets the guy

It’s no good being a wallflower
A party is a great opportunity to pick up a guy or connect with your crush. It’s no good being a wallflower, hugging your drink and hoping that someone will ask you to dance. But it’s equally no good rushing in and embarrassing yourself if you’re the sort who finds it hard to live with yourself the next day. Here’s how to be the party animal who gets the guy.

1. Wear Your Favorite Outfit

Wear the outfit that you like the most and feel most beautiful in. This works because wearing clothes that you love gives you a big boost of self confidence and self worth, which in turn will make you happier at the party and more willing to take the plunge and introduce yourself to a guy that you like. He’ll love your clothes and your confidence!

2. Split up!

If you’re at the party with a big bunch of girlfriends, you might find that you better success with the guys if you split up in to smaller groups, or even individually. A big group of partying girls can sometimes be a bit daunting to a guy, so even out the playing field by going over and talking to him on your own rather than with all of your friends behind you watching on!

3. Make the First Move

Hey, come on, its 2015, do you really need to wait or the man to come over and make the first move? Hell no! If you see a guy that you like and a few moments of initial eye contact has been made, be brave and head over to talk to him of your own accord. Boys love attention just as much as girls, so making the effort to go over to him first will show him that you really like him.

4. Pay Attention

It really pays off to be observant and check out things about the guy you like before you actually get around to talking to him. Is he wearing a sports shirt? Cool, that can be something that you casually bring up in conversation later on. Or perhaps he’s wearing a band t-shirt? Strike up a conversation about them and he’ll love that you appear to have shared interests.

5. Be Inquisitive

Don’t just sit back and let him do all the work, be engaged and actively involved in the conversations that you are having. Ask him about his life just as much as he asks you about yours. An equally balanced two-sided conversation is so much more rewarding than the guy trying his hardest and you playing hard to get with short, two or three word answers!

6. Be Yourself

Don’t try to play any games by putting across a personality that isn’t your own. Eventually, you will start to slip up because it is super hard to keep up a false façade, and to be honest, if he’s interested in this person that you have created, who is so different to the real you, what makes you think he is the right guy for you in the ‘real world’.

7. Play a Drinking Game!

Drinking games are a brilliant party activity for spending a lot of time with someone at a party, hanging out together without having to constantly try to come up with new conversation every few minutes, and you both get a little bit of Dutch courage for flirting purposes later on!

It’s important to be relaxed – you’re at a party to enjoy yourself. Cute guys are the bonus. Have a drink but not so much that the guy who caught your eye is subject to your drunken lunges or slurred conversation.


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