7 Ways to Pull off Blue Eyeliner ...

Blue liner can actually look pretty fashionable

How to pull off blue
You don't have to stick to wearing black liner. Blue liner can actually look pretty fashionable if you know how to pull if off. If you need some tips, check out this advice from Daily Makeover:

1. Keep the Color on the Top Lid Only

You don't want to outline your entire line with blue liner, or it'll look too intense.

2. Use Black Liner, Too

Instead of just using blue liner, you can start by using a black liner close to your lids and then use some blue up above it.

3. Highlight Your Tearducts

you use a light, sparkly aquamarine liner, then you can put it by your tearducts to act as a highlighter.

4. Press Lightly on the Lower Lash Line

If you're dying to place some liner on your lower lash line, then you can. Just don't make it look heavy.

5. Wear False Lashes

You can make your eyes look even more intense by wearing them with long false lashes.

6. Use Grey on Your Waterline

You should use a "grey pencil liner along the waterline for balance."

7. Only Line a Third of Your Eyes

Instead of placing your liner all around your eyes, simple "line the upper and lower lash lines about a third of the way across with blue eyeliner."


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