9 things every wine lover will understand!

You never know when a glass of vino will be needed

Love and appreciation of wine
Here at WO HQ, something we all have in common is a shared love and appreciation of wine! For all you wine lovers out there, here are 9 things you will totally understand…

You never know when a glass of vino will be needed – so you’re ALWAYS prepared…

A glass of wine always taste better when drinking with friends – but large glasses (especially for long catch ups) are

Trying to act cool but realising you might have had one glass too many (it doesn’t stop you though)
Wine is the solution to all your diet dilemmas…
We’re completely baffled!
It’s all about portion control…right?
We will use any excuse..
The day is divided into when it isn’t acceptable to drink wine….and when it is
When you finish your first glass of before everyone else so you top it up surreptitiously…

Love this but HATE Mondays? Us too! Here are things we all feel every Sunday…


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