15 Fab Little Gifts Your Reddit Secret Santa Will Love

It's gonna be sooon!

Upvote-worthy delights!
1. These for a most delicious holiday season:
Snow Globes Salt and Pepper Shakers, $24.

2. And this spoonful of inspiration:

Hand-stamped Spoon, $16.

3. These for a fucking spellbinding xmas:

Little Box of Obscenities and Little Box of Fa La La, $5.95 each.

4. This plush perfection:
Joey Graceffa Husky Pillow, $24.99.

5. These heaven-scent candles:

Candy-scented Candles, $4.99 each.

6. This nod to the Reddit alien:

USB Astronaut Light, $20.

7. An out-of-this-world treat:

Freeze-Dried Ice Cream, $5.99.

8. These universal yummies:
Solar System Lollipops, $25.50/set of 10.

9. And these, the cutest keychains in the mewniverse:

Sushi Cat Keychains, $8 each.

10. This throwback charger:

Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger, $24.99.

11. This mug for the inner child:

Cookie Monster Mug, $27.

12. And this super fun lamp:

Squeeze the tummy for on and off??!

Gummy Bear Lamp, $27.99 each.

13. These festive monograms:

Balloon Letter Ornaments, $8 per letter.

14. This photogenic mug:

Camera Lens Travel Mug, $12.99.

15. And this yabsticker kit to spread the love…

You Are Beautiful Stickers, 20 stickers in tin $10.


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