Which of These Excuses for Not Working out do You Use?

It's easier to make an excuse than get off your ass and get to the gym

Push through a lack of motivation
Even the most dedicated gym bunnies sometimes have to push through a lack of motivation to work out. For lesser mortals there is greater temptation to skip exercise for oh so many reasons. It's easier to make an excuse than get off your ass and get to the gym - right?

1. I Injured Myself

Just because you pulled a muscle or twisted your ankle on the treadmill, it doesn’t mean you should give up altogether!

2. I Can’t Miss My Show

Have you ever heard of TiVo? Set your favourite show to record and go and work, it will be waiting for you when you get home!

3. I’ll Work out at Home

No way! There are way too many distractions at home. Get out on the streets or in to a gym.

4. I Was Planning on Doing Some Baking

Hey! Your penchant for delicious cookies is one of the reasons that you should be working out in the first place!

5. I Have Sports Induced Asthma

That might have worked as a way of getting out of physical education at school, but you need to be more honest with yourself.

6. I Ate Healthy Today

Great, well done, but you know deep down inside that that healthy eating is really only half of the battle.

7. My Work Days Only Begin with M & T

Oh come on! There is no room for superstition when it comes to getting healthy. A little moderate exercise every single day is the way to go.

8. The Gym is Dangerous!

Big gym equipment can be scary, but with the right help from the instructors, you will be absolutely fine.

9. I Can’t Find My Sneakers

Don’t lie! You know exactly where they are, they are right at the back of the closet where you put them in order to use this excuse!

10. Public Pools Are Gross

You do know that swimming isn’t the only form of exercise, right? Why not try cycling or jogging?

11. I’ll Stick to Watching Sports!

You can’t exercise vicariously! The best way to pay tribute to your sporting favorites is to work out yourself.

12. All My Sports Bras Are Dirty

Girl, you’re going to be getting sweaty anyway! What difference is one extra session going to make before your throw it in the washer?

13. I Don’t Want to Put My Contacts in

That’s fine, there is plenty of exercise you do wearing glasses instead, trust me!

14. If I Sweat Too Much My Fake Tan Will Run

Do you prefer to look faintly orange or fit and toned?

15. My Hair Looks Too Good Today

I feel you, so how about this: get your workout in at the end of the day when everybody has already seen your hair!

16. I Have Too Much Homework

Oh really? So how come your homework didn’t stop you from going over to your friend's house earlier?

17. The Hot Gym Instructor is off Today

We all enjoy a gorgeous instructor, but come on, the real reason for being there is so achieve a healthier life and body!

18. I’m Too Full

Even if you have just had a big meal, there are certain workouts you can do that won’t make you cramp up. Even just a light stroll.

19. There Are No Classes I like

There are so many different gym classes, break out of your comfort zone and join up, you’ll learn to love it.

20. I’m Not in the Mood

That’s the brilliant thing about exercise; it releases endorphins, which make you feel fantastic!

21. I’ve Already Showered Today

Another short shower is a small price to pay for the feeling of post workout satisfaction that you will have!

22. It’s That Time of the Month

The worst excuse a girl can give. Exercise is good for relieving cramps. Chocolate and the sofa aren’t.

23. My Boyfriend Loves Me the Way I Am

You work out for you, not for anyone else. Get off your butt you lazy moo.

24. I Forgot My Headphones

Can you really claim you can’t work out without music. Watch the gym TV or tune into the gym muzak.

25. I’ve Got a New Black Dress I Want to Wear

Black might make you look slimmer but what is better? The illusion or the reality? Don’t just look slim. Be slim.

26. I Have Errands to Run

And why can you not do them on the way or from the gym?

27. The People at the Gym Stare at Me

They are probably wondering who you are because you turn up so infrequently.

28. I Don't Look Different Even after Exercise so What's the Point?

Some bodies see the post workout body changes after a long time. Your body is different from everyone else’s. Exercising has to do with feeling good about your body first. You will never see the difference if you don't stick at it.

29. Simply "I Don't Want to"

Stop whining. Find some motivation. Read some quotes. Read the reasons why working out is good for you. Get with the program, girl.


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