Top 5 most expensive “toys” money can buy

Few ideas on how to spend money with some the most expensive high-tech toys

Money doesn’t buy happiness?
I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that “money doesn’t buy happiness,” but it sure helps. In most cases, it is quite true, we understand that a life full of meaningful experiences is a whole lot better than one exclusively filled with material possessions but… Just in case you’ve got tons of excess cash in hand, here’s a few ideas on how to spend it with some the most expensive high-tech toys. Or maybe we’ll just dream of it for now. Yea, that’s fine too.

Triton 1000 Luxury Submersible for $1,690,000

A jetpack – Tecnologia Aerospacial Mexicana’s Rocket Belt for $250,000

Hover IT’s Hovering Lounge Chair for $13,366

Luvaglio’s Luxury Notebook for $1,000,000

Venturi Fetish Sports Electric Vehicle for $660,000


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