Get an Insight into Intimacy with These 21 Romantic Photos ...

The once-in-a-lifetime daring gestures

This is romance
What is romance? Is it the once-in-a-lifetime daring gestures, or the daily closeness you share with your lover? Maybe it's both... and French photographer Maud Chalard captures these moments with tenderness... and this is romance.

1. Quick Kiss

2. Baby Belly

3. Balcony

4. Coats

5. Smooch

6. Black and White

7. Loving Arms

8. Bedroom

9. That Spot, Though

10. Spoon

11. Cuddles

12. Chatter

13. Talking Points

14. Sunset

15. At Work?

16. Another Moment

17. Beautiful

18. How She Looks at Him

19. One More Kiss

20. Fall Leaves

21. Tangled Legs


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