Top 10 best foods for healthy teeth

List of foods necessary for teeth

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1. Milk

As you know, teeth require calcium to be sturdy and strong, and milk is a great choice for you. Besides calcium, milk also contains phosphate and vitamin D, which helps in repairing your tooth enamel. Particularly, soy milk is an excellent choice for those, who may not tolerate lactose, as it’s equally nutritious.

2. Sugarless Gums

Particularly, chewing sugarless gums are helpful in producing saliva in your mouth. Saliva is essential to keep at bay the acid produced by the harmful bacteria in the mouth.

3. Cheese

Looking for the foods for healthy teeth, you should not miss cheese. A small cheese piece after every meal is good for oral health. Particularly, it generates saliva in your mouth, which counteracts the effect of acid. Also, cheese is rich in calcium and phosphate.

4. Apple

One of the best foods for healthy teeth is apple. Apple is also a great saliva-generator, which aids in inhibiting cavity build-up. Especially, an apple after you have dinner is excellent because it erodes and cleans the food particles which amass in between your teeth.

5. Bone Broth

Bone broth is commonly made up of bones of animals and leftover meat, which is greatly wealthy in calcium contents. Bone broth not only strengthens teeth, but is uniformly good for hair, bones, and nails.

6. Licorice

This licorice is an anti-bacterial in nature. Particularly, its consumption may make the mouth fresh and do away with cavity as well as plaque accumulation.

7. Orange

Oranges are believed to act as a brush and floss for your mouth. The calcium and vitamin compounds of orange will make it become a healthful fruit which may wear away microbes as well as forestall tooth decay.

8. Celery And Carrots

Both celery and carrots protect your teeth in 2 ways. They need extra chewing that produces more saliva neutralizing the acid produced by the bacteria. In addition, chewing naturally abrasive foods cleans between the teeth and massages the gums.

9. Strawberries

Strawberries are also considered as one of the super foods for healthy teeth. They also are great source of vitamin C.

10. Lean Protein

Poultry, lean beef, and eggs are high in phosphorous, one mineral critical to keep strong tooth enamel. Additionally, phosphorous assists balance pH levels in your mouth, discouraging the growth of cavity-leading to bacteria.


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