How To Use Salt Lamps For Better Sleep And Mental Clarity

Cleanse your home of the positively charged ion miasma

King's Salt
Himalayan salt is widely recognized for its nutritional benefits and of course its rosy-pink complexion. It is an excellent replacement for average cooking and table salt as it contains much less sodium and has been found to even lower blood pressure and aid in digestion. Himalayan salt also consists of trace amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and magnesium where as regular salt is almost entirely sodium-chloride crystals.

The advantages of this fascinating mineral do not end in the kitchen. Large crystalline chunks of pink Himalayan salt, often referred as 'King's Salt' as large crystalline salt was traditionally reserved for royalty, is made into lamps that are said to have the ability aid in respiratory problems, skin conditions, headaches and migraines, blood system disorders, allergies, rheumatism, insomnia, and any other condition associated with excessive positive ions in the atmosphere.

Though it may sound a little far-fetched that a light fixture could be capable of such alleviation, the process through which a salt lamp ionizes the air is sound and the testimonials speak for themselves.

Ions - molecules or atoms that have an electric charge due to the gain or loss of one or more electrons - are ever-present within our atmosphere. They are essential for the existence of life because with out them, cells swell, proteins denature, and life as we know it becomes an impossibility. Ions exist in both positively charged and negatively charged forms, which means there is a natural ionic balance in Earth's atmosphere. Unfortunately, the technological era we find ourselves in has been, and continues to produce large amounts of positively charged ions every day with our stifling use of electronics, throwing the ionic balance of certain environments grossly out of sync.

"As all living systems (including human beings) are bioelectric in nature, the electrically charged particles affect the way we feel and act," said G. S. Rahi, Assistant Professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University. "In natural setting a balance of positive and negative ions contribute to one’s sensations and perceptions.

Atmospheric ions can affect health, well-being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings."

An excessive amount of positive ions has been found to be at the base of a variety of major health issue and soil problems, which could spell certain doom for our technological society if the issue is not consciously addressed. Negative ions, on the other hand, promote health, relaxation, alertness, and cognitive functionality This is where the Himalayan salt lamps come into play; you may not be to enhance the world's ionic balance on your own, but you can begin with inside of your home or workplace.

Himalayan salt extracts moisture from its surroundings, making the lamp often look moist or even wet. When the incandescent bulb is switched on, it quickly begins to evaporate the moisture of the salt producing an ionizing affect that emits steady bursts of negative ions into the air.

This process is similar to that of a waterfall crashing into a warm body of water below or cool ocean waves slamming into a tide of hot sand, both of which produce an abundance of negatively charged ions, explaining the natural sense of relaxation experienced in these settings.

"Generally speaking, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy," says Pierce J. Howard, PhD. "They also may protect against germs in the air, resulting in decreased irritation due to inhaling various particles that make you sneeze, cough, or have a throat irritation."

As each lamp's range is somewhat limited, salt lamps work most effectively by having multiple placed strategically through out a given indoor environment. Ideally there ought to be one in every room that is used frequently, especially with electronics present. When placing lamps, keep a couple things in mind such as: Where is most of your time spent? Where are you most enveloped 'electronic smog'? And of course, where would you enjoy seeing the lamp? So long as the salt is not submerged in water or subjected to extreme, constant moisture, the crystal will last virtually forever.

The lamps are rather inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $15 to $150 for a more magnificent specimen. The Himalayan Salt Shop has published a very detailed guide to purchasing the right Himalayan salt lamp for your needs. Cleanse your home of the positively charged ion miasma and regain your energy, clarity and health.


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