Sweet Lips Tips for Girls Who Want to Be Better Kissers

If you have the emotional connection, when you lock lips, there’ll be fireworks

Be fantastic
How many articles have you read about kissing that advise you to be adventurous and different in order to be sexy?

The thing that’s great about kissing is that it doesn’t need to be complicated to be fantastic.

If you do it right, there’s no need to get your lips and tongues in a twist trying all manner of complicated tricks.

Master the basics, be a great kisser and if you have the emotional connection, when you lock lips, there’ll be fireworks.

1. Close Your Eyes at the Last Second

Don’t close your eyes until the very last second, because if you close them too early there can be a whole host of catastrophes like bumping into each other, missing his mouth, the list goes on and on!

2. Less Tongue

When we are younger we all learn about French kissing and just think that it means putting your whole tongue in and hoping for the best, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! A little tongue action is fine, but keep it respectful and keep it minimal!

3. Switch It up

Don’t let the kissing action get monotonous and boring. Switch it up by changing tongue direction, go from the top lip to the bottom lip, maybe even throw in a cheeky nibble if you’re feeling confident.

4. Be Gentle

Many people make the mistake of going in too hard for a kiss like they see in the movies. The general rule for a good starting point is to go in about 50% more gentle than you think, and then work your way from there.

5. Handsy

Don’t let you hand just fall by your side and rest still. Get them involved by touching your partner’s hair or feeling their body. It can really intensify the make out session!

6. Listen

Listen to your partner, both in a verbal sense and a body language sense. If they don’t enjoy something that you are doing, work together to work it out.

7. Nose Breathing

Concentrate on breathing through your nose. There is nothing to kill a sexy mood like somebody tearing away from your mouth to gasp for air!

8. Tease

Create some sexy tension by indulging in a spot of teasing. Don’t give them whole kiss at once. Play with them and make them ache for it!

9. Fresh Breath

Be considerate of your partner and always make sure you have the freshest breath; nothing worse than a pizza-flavored smooch!

10. Lip Balm

When it comes to a long kissing session, lip balm is your best friend. Keep those lips nice and moist and you won’t encounter any annoying dryness problems along the way!

11. Slow then Build

Start off nice and slow, exploring what you both like, and then build up the pace and tension. It’s the best way to do it!

12. No Drool!

For the love of god, don’t turn the make out session into a legit saliva swapping contest! Try to control your drool levels.

13. More than Lips

Focus your attention on more than just the lips. The cheeks and neck are also great places to include in a make out session.

14. Be Helpful

Don’t leave your partner wondering whether they are doing a good job. Be vocal and let them know what you like and what you don’t like, it’s good for everybody.

15. Be Confident

You can always tell when somebody is kissing you that is completely nervous, so try your best to be confident when you lean in for a smooch: the energy really transfers.

16. No Instructions

Don’t do anything dumb like try to trace your name with your tongue in their mouth. Just go with the flow and ignore any of the lame ‘instructions’ that people talk about.

17. Be Responsive

Don’t ignore what your partner is doing just so you can concentrate on your own kissing technique. The aim is to blend into one, not fight each other with your different kissing moves!


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