Cool Toyota Hybrid Ad Shows The Ground Beneath the Wheels

The world above as seen from the ground

The path of the Toyota hybrid car
Advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi from Dusseldorf was engaged to create a brand new perspective of car transportation, picturing the world above as seen from the ground. The photography series was produced by Christian Schmidt, a Stuttgart-based photographer whose task was to show the “the sensitivity of the earth that we walk on, drive on, and live in” for the new Toyota Auris hybrid model car.

The art directors are Jean-Pierre Gregor and Till Köster, and the photography series was made from below, from a road, below a water surface, looking at the mountains and the sky above, and at the people moving, trekking and cycling on the earth that supports us all. This is the path of the Toyota hybrid car connected with the earthly essence.



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