These are the craziest cars from the Tokyo Motor Show

Latest offerings from Japan's manufacturers and their pint-sized "kei" cars

Premier show in Asia
For decades, the Tokyo Motor Show was the premier show in Asia.

But with the rise of China as one of the world's largest auto markets, focus has been shifting towards shows in the Middle Kingdom. In reaction to this shift, Tokyo has turned itself into a techno-centric show with a focus of the future mobility.

In addition, the Tokyo Motor Show displays the latest offerings from Japan's numerous manufacturers and their pint-sized "kei" cars offerings, which are indigenous to the country.

The 2015 Tokyo Motor Show wrapped up earlier this month. Now, we're getting ready for the LA Auto Show, which pulls into the City of Angels at the end of this coming week. But let's have a look back at the zany exposition that Tokyo has become.

The biggest story to emerge from the Tokyo Show this year was Mazda's RX-VISION sports car.

The sleek concept represents Mazda's revival of its iconic RX rotary engined sports car. Mazda hasn't produced a rotary powered sports car since the cancellation of the RX8 in 2011.

Honda and its Acura luxury brand showed off the company's new NSX supercar — it's finally ready for production.

Although Nissan's Concept 2020 Vision Gran Turismo debuted last year, the concept still looks stunning in its matte red paint job.

The 2020 Concept is believed to hint at the styling of the next generation Nissan GTR. Look! It's even got the GTR's signature quad round tail lights.

Speaking of GTRs ... Nissan showed off a Skyline consumers can buy. In Japan, it's called the Nissan Skyline GT350. Here in the US, it's called the Infiniti Q50S.

Famed motorcycle maker Yamaha, brought along its two-door sports car concept.

The sleek sports car's development was aided by McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray.

Also at the show was the Kode9 sports car designed by the man behind the Enzo Ferrari hypercar — Ken Okuyama.

In addition to the production Kode9 coupe, the Kode9 Spyder prototype also made an appearance at the show. Yes, that's Gulf livery.

Honda's tiny S660 sports car has drawn rave reviews.

Toyota debuted their own mini sports car at the show, S-FR.

From here, the show took a wacky turn, with cars such as the Toyota Kikai.

The Kikai is designed to show off the inner mechanical workings of a car.

The Nissan Teatro For Dayz may look somewhat like a conventional car. It isn't.

The Teatro is really more of a mobility tablet, designed to give its occupants a better social media experience than exhilarating drive.

The Daihatsu Noriori takes the iconic Japanese driving "box" to a whole new level. So much so that it looks more like a road going tram.

It's even equipped with slide clamshell doors and a roll-on-roll-off ramp.

Daihatsu also showed off the Tempo concept which is a futuristic mini food truck. Here's it's in coffeeshop configuration.

The Honda Wander Stand may look like a futuristic golf cart, but it is actually an autonomous mobility pod.

Mercedes unveiled its very own autonomous car with the Vision Tokyo Concept.

According to Mercedes, the Vision Tokyo is designed to be a "luxurious lounge for young, urban trendsetters."

Nissan also debuted an autonomous car.

The stylish IDS Concept is all electric and its styling could translate to the next generation LEAF.

The Suzuki Air Triser looks pretty darn cool. It's a Japanese take on the old VW Microbus.

On the other hand, the Suzuki Mighty Deck has a bit of an odd duck. The Mighty Deck is designed to maximize the utility of a small package. As a result, it has a weird name and an equally odd look.

In the area of advanced propulsion, Toyota rolled out its FCV Plus concept. Its on board hydrogen fuel cell powerplant can also double as a generator for your home.

Honda answered Toyota with its new and much more conventional FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered concept.

The Toyota C-HR concept crossover made its domestic debut after being unveiled in Frankfurt earlier this year.

The Toyota C-HR gave show-goers a glimpse of the design direction the company's future crossovers make take.

The next generation Toyota Prius was present as well.

Mitsubishi showed off its Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid electric off-roader.

Mitsubishi also debuted it eX Concept at the show.

The sleek crossover shows off Mitsubishi's all-wheel-drive electric propulsion system and semi-autonomous drive technology.

Nissan's Gripz Concept crossover made its domestic debut in Tokyo.

The futuristic concept — which debuted earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show — may become the next generation Z sports car.

Lexus debuted its LF FC Concept at the show.

The sleek Lexus concept features the most successful execution yet of the company's controversial "spindle grille."

The LF FC gives us a glimpse of the company's future flagship sedan.

Porsche introduced the hot new Macan GTS crossover at the Tokyo Show.

Porsche also introduced the newly turbocharged 911 Carrera 4S.

England's Radical showed off its RXC Turbo complete with turbocharged Ford Ecoboost V6 engine. It's a true road-going race car.

Oh, and there was a Hino Dakar Rally truck. That's right. This is an off-road racing truck!


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