17 Signs He Actually Deserves to Be with You ...

Here are the signs that say he does

Stop wondering if you deserve your boyfriend
It's time to stop wondering if you deserve your boyfriend, and start wondering if he deserves you. You're an amazing woman, which means you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best. That's why you need to figure out if he actually deserves to be with you. Here are the signs that say he does:

1. He Appreciates Everything You do

When you give him a ride home, does he thank you? When you give him the best sex of his life, does he look appreciative, or does he act like it was no big deal because it's "your job?"

2. He Gives You Affection

Does he hug you and kiss you on the daily? Does he say those three little words whenever he gets the chance?

3. He Makes Plans

Does he wait for you to make plans for the weekend, or will he set something up himself?

4. He Talks to You before Making Decisions

Will he decide to blow his whole paycheck on a new gaming system before talking to you, or does he consult you before making any major decisions in his life?

5. He Compliments You

Does he tell you how pretty you look when you wake up? Does he remind you of how much he loves your smile whenever you laugh?

6. He Listens

Does he just nod his head along when you speak, or does he actually absorb the words you're saying?

7. He Talks to You about Everything

Does he tell you all about his day before you even ask? Or does he like to keep his stories a secret, even from you?

8. He Protects You

Will he defend you when his mother says something mean about you? Will he get in between you and a man who's saying inappropriate things to you?

9. He Keeps His Promises

Does he keep his word? Is he someone you can count on, no matter what?

10. He Doesn’t Lie or Cheat

Does he always tell you the truth, even when it's uncomfortable? Does he remain loyal to you, even though other girls are interested in him?

11. He Makes You Feel Better about Yourself

Does he make you want to be a better person? Does he make your life feel a little brighter?

12. He Treats You as an Equal

Does he talk down to you like you're inferior, or does he treat you like an equal?

13. He Puts You before Anyone else

Does he consider your feelings before he makes a decision? Does he try to make you happy, even if it makes things harder on himself?

14. He Believes in You

Does he genuinely think you can accomplish your goals? Does he show support for you during every step of the way?

15. You Both Put in Equal Effort

Does he do as many thoughtful things for you as you do for him? Do you split the housework and bills?

16. He Makes You Feel Beautiful

Does he neglect you, or does he make you feel special?

17. Your Parents like Him

Do your friends and family actually think that he's good enough for you? Do they encourage you to stay with him?

Never settle for less than you deserve!


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