Majestic Mermaid Tattoos Meant to Make You Smile ...

Some inspirational ideas

Certain mysterious feel
Mermaids are the ultimate when it comes to choosing a girly tattoo. Everyone loves the allure that a mermaid offers so they are an ink choice that will give off a certain mysterious feel to the people who see it. Luckily, there are loads of ways to get a mermaid tattoo that won't leave you looking like a biker. Thinking mermaid? Here are some inspirational ideas that I think you are going to love.

1. Make It Dramatic

The running mascara and dark hair makes this mermaid ultra dramatic.

2. A Cartoon Feel

Want something a bit more animated? Here's a great choice.

3. A Really Colorful Tail

Check out how colorful this adorable mermaid's tail is.

4. Full Body Tattoo

Would you get a mermaid tattoo this large? Pretty fantastic, isn't it?

5. Swimming down Your Arm

This beauty will always make you smile when you see it.

6. All Black

Isn't this cool black tattoo awesome?

7. Something Small

This tattoo is simple, but it's still really impressive.

8. Watercolor Design

The blurred outlines of this tattoo make it something really special.

9. The Little Mermaid

Do you love Ariel? This is the tattoo for you!

10. Rising from the Water

There's no rule that says your mermaid has to have a tail.

11. On Your Hip

A tattoo here lets you cover it when needed and show it off when you want to.

12. Just the Scales and Tail

This tattoo will make you look like you're a mermaid! Cool!

13. Go Big or Go Home

This would be a huge commitment, but totally worth it!

14. Skeleton Tail

This is one of my favorites. What about you?

15. Keep It Hidden

What a fabulous place to get a tattoo!

16. Tangling with an Octopus

This mermaid and octopus happen to be best friends! Can't you tell?

17. Back Tattoo

This is a masterpiece!

18. Ariel Skeleton

This is a super unique choice, don't you think?

19. Lots of Color

The more color you have in your tattoo, the better it gets.

20. Reaching for the Sky

Wouldn't you love having this tattoo?

21. Keep on Swimming

This tattoo will change your life!


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