36 Crazy Gifts That Any Miyazaki Lover Will Go Nuts Over

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1. This sweater that just gets it ($32).

Keep that imagination rife. Buy it here.

2. This set of kodama pins ($25).

Your battalion of tree spirits begins here.

3. This Totoro watercolor print ($7).

WOwoOW. Totoro itself would be mighty impressed. Available here.

4. This No-Face plush toy ($6).

No one could ever refuse this No-Face if it came knocking at your door. Available here.

5. This Totoro cookie cutter ($7.80).

Get them here.

6. This Totoro backpack ($9).


7. This fabulous shirt ($20).

Disney’s great, but wait, what’s Disney again?? Get it here.

8. This Calcifer frying pan ($32).

Hopefully this Calcifer WON’T burn the bacon. But if you’re buying this for an enemy, then by all means. Buy it here.

9. These adorable headphones ($38).

I imagine Totoro probably has lots of fascinating things to sing and say. Available here.

10. This eclectic movie tote ($18).

The best of the bunch. Get it here.

11. This Howl’s Moving Castle travel mug ($20).

Surreal, ain’t it? Get it here.

12. This soot sprite notebook ($12).

For deliciously devilish thoughts only. Available here.

13. This light-up Totoro pillow ($12).

Better to have around when embarking upon a grand Miyazaki movie marathon. Get it here.

14. This Totoro knapsack ($30).

Full of Totoro secrets and smiles. Buy it here.

15. Kiki’s Delivery Service cat ($17)!

Great for someone who can’t yet have pets. Get it here.

16. This kimono with the beautiful Haku all over it ($25).

For the friend who thinks Haku is simply dreamy. Get it here.

17. This Totoro sleeping bag ($243).

Look, it’s for adults, too. Available here.

18. These soot sprite slippers ($9).

All they ever wanted was for someone to
them. Get them here.

19. This Porco Rosso mug ($15).

Pink like Porco. Get it here.

20. This Howl’s Moving Castle dial ($15).

Because anywhere with Howl is better. Get it here.

21. These Miyazaki-inspired candles ($15).

Howl’s candle smells like Calcifer’s log fire, pine forest, and some mountain mist. Kiki’s is like ocean breeze, fresh bread, and a hint of sweet pastries. A+ for scent ingenuity.

22. These surreal umbrellas ($40).

Live under the dream. Buy one here.

23. This actually intimidating T-shirt ($25).

For the person in your life who’s willfully determined and crazy strong. Available here.

24. This custom-made Totoro cup ($23).

Available here.

25. This honest necklace ($26).

The perfect answer for when anyone asks you or whoever why they’re single. Get it here.

26. This super accurate sweater ($28).

No-face always has the right priorities. Food, money, greed, and then eventual friendship and…humility! Get it here.

27. Soot sprite candies.

Perfect for sharing. Get them here.

28. This Kiki’s Delivery Service blanket ($45).

Buy it here.

29. These magical leggings ($15).

It’s either these pants or no pants. Available here.

30. These Totoro high socks ($10).

Cuuuuuuuute! Get it here.

31. These tinted lip balms ($5).

Give the kiss of Calcifer. Available here.

32. This Calcifer fireplace ($40).

It miiiiight burn their bacon. Who knows? Get it here.

33. These authentic Porco Rosso glasses ($200).

Slick AF. Buy it here.

34. The only sleepy jumbo Totoro anyone will ever need ($308).

Available here.

35. The ultimate Blu-ray Miyazaki set ($215).

Miyazaki marathon starts NOW. Available here.

36. This incredibly important shirt ($19).


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