What your favourite chocolate bar says about YOU!

Chocolate bar is more revealing than you might think

Lindt, Flake or Twirl?
Are you a Lindt lover, a Flake fiend or a Twirl girl? Either way, your favourite chocolate bar is more revealing than you might think. Read on to see what your favourite chocolate bar says about you…

If you love…Galaxy Caramel
You enjoy the finer things in life and like nothing better than indulging yourself. And why shouldn’t you? Just like the rich chocolate and creamy caramel of your favourite bar, you’re a real smoothie who’s been blessed with the gift of the gab. You deserve it!
If you love…Snickers
Just like Mr. T, you’re a ballsy, sassy character who won’t take flack from anybody. And that’s mirrored by your bold taste in chocolate. You pity the fool who doesn’t enjoy a Snickers!
If you love…Milkybar
You’re a sugar fiend who LOVES the sickly sweet taste of milk chocolate, and normally has it alongside a six-sugar tea and a slice of Victoria sponge. YUM!
If you love…Crunchie
How do you eat yours? Do you nibble off the chocolate coating before starting on the honeycomb underneath – or attack it one bite at a time? Either way, if Crunchie is your chocolate of choice, you’re probably a bit of a daydreamer.
If you love…Fruit & Nut
A health enthusiast who’s gone for the most natural option, you’re not a fan of sugary caramel or nougat. You’ll have your Fruit & Nut with a cup of organic peppermint tea, thank you very much.
If you love…Bounty
…we take our hats off to you. Just like the coconut-filled bar, you’re one of a kind. And while others shun the fruity snack, the good news is, there are always plenty left in the Celebrations tub.
If you love…Dairy Milk
As someone who goes for the safest option, you’re a classicist who doesn’t like a big fuss. You prefer to walk on the safe side and not take risks, but you’re also consistent and reliable.
If you love…Mars
This chocolate bar may be over 80 years old, but why mess with a classic? You’re proud of your chocolate of choice, and stick your nose up at these new-fangled bars filled with crackers and strawberry cream. Good for you!
If you love…Mint Aero
Some people would be put off by the sight of light green, bubbly chocolate, but not you. You don’t follow the crowd and prefer to do things on your own terms – your unusual taste in confectionary is testament to that!
If you love…Twirl
Anyone who’s ever tried one of these will know that it’s virtually impossible eat a light, flakey chocolate bar without getting crumbs all over your clothes. But you’re not one to be put off by a challenge. In fact, you relish it, displaying an impressive level of perseverance and patience.


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