10 life lessons from The Golden Girls

Answer for every scenario

These silver-haired ladies had it spot on
It wasn’t all floral nighties and knitting patterns… These Golden Girls had some serious sass!

Whether it was enjoying a good old knees-up or delivering the perfect put-down, these silver-haired ladies had it spot on! And to mark 30 years since they first hit our screens, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best life lessons from The Golden Girls… We guarantee that Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia will have an answer for every scenario!

1. Cookies are the answer to all life’s problems. Especially chocolate cookies with sprinkles.

2. Girls’ nights in can be fun. Who needs men when you’ve got friends and Mimosas?

3. But when the girls did go out, they certainly had a novel approach to picking up men…

4. And when it came to practising safe sex, they knew all the tricks.

5. They could always sympathise with our ‘bad hair day’ struggles – we’ve all been there.

6. The girls knew exactly how to deal with those pesky cold-callers.

7…and how to react when you’re rudely interrupted mid-speech.

8. But most importantly, they were never short of witty insults.

9…because, sometimes, you’ve just got to make your feelings known and tell it like it is.

10…after all, what’s the point in mincing your words?


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