This Couple Has 8 Children And They Aren’t Even Religious Or Anything

What a couple of weirdos

This is Weird
Meet Adam and Sara Sommers of Fishers, IN. They have eight children between the ages of 6 months and 13 years, which in and of itself doesn’t seem that remarkable until you consider this: They’re not even super Christian or Mormon or anything like that. Yes, you read that correctly. This young couple has eight children and they’re not even religious.

Totally batshit, right?

Despite not coming from any weird fundamentalist denomination or subscribing to some Old Testament imperative about bearing children in abundance, the Sommerses have brought eight—eight—children into this world, and they did so completely voluntarily. Even weirder, everyone in the family seems fairly well-adjusted. The kids aren’t decked out in denim modesty garments, and they have friends beyond their immediate siblings. Adam and Sara also don’t decry modern TV shows and movies for being ungodly or invite neighborhood children to vacation Bible school. It’s almost as if the family is perfectly fucking normal.

Here’s where it gets seriously inexplicable: They aren’t farmers or whatever, either. Adam does project management for a design firm, and Sara works part-time in the local school system, and yet they have still racked up eight kids. Don’t even try to puzzle this one out, because it’s a giant fucking enigma.

What a goddamn mindfuck. Adam and Sara are only, like, 35 years old, so they could probably still have a few more kids if they felt like it. They could have a secular brood of 12 running around the house, 100 percent by choice and not trying to follow some scriptural doctrine prohibiting birth control or any of that shit. And the kids would be pretty fucking normal kids who watch normal shit on TV and don’t protest abortion clinics and that kind of thing.


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