17 Signs You Two Should Get Back Together ...

Think about whether it would make you happier or sadder

Get back together with him
It isn't always a mistake to get back together with an ex. Sometimes, it's the right thing to do. You just have to take a minute to think about whether it would make you happier or sadder in the long run. If the following things are true, then you should probably get back together with him:

1. The Problem That Caused the Breakup is Fixed

What was the main reason behind the breakup? If it was because he refused to get married, but now he's interested in the idea of marriage, you can think about getting back together.

2. You Don’t like Anyone as Much as You like Him

Have you tried to move on? If all of the other men you've dated after him were pathetic in comparison, then you might belong with your ex.

3. You Have More Good Memories than Bad

When you think of your ex, do you remember the good times or the bad? If most of your memories are positive, then it's a good sign.

4. You Forgive Him for the past

You'll never be able to last, unless you forgive him for all of the things he's done wrong in the past.

5. Your Friends and Family Love Him

Your friends and family will have higher standards for you than you have for yourself. So if they approve of him, it's a good sign.

6. You Brought out the Best in Each Other

Were you a nicer, sweeter person when you were with him? If he brought out the best in you, then it's better to have him around.

7. You Were Happiest when You Were with Him

Did he make you happier than anything else in the world ever could?

8. You Want the Same Things in Life

If you both want to get married, have the same amount of children, and live in the same location, you could make things last. Otherwise, it won't work out.

9. You Treated Each Other Respectfully

If he treated you like you were inferior, then you don't need him. But if he regarded you as an equal, he's a catch.

10. The Timing is Right

Timing is everything when it comes to love. It's just as important as chemistry.

11. You’ve Both Matured

If you're both more mature than you used to be, then you should have an easier time working out the problems that drove you apart in the past.

12. You Won’t Bring up Old Fights

If you're going to yell at him for things he did ten years ago, don't even bother talking to him. Keep the past in the past.

13. You’re Willing to Make Him a Priority

Relationships require effort. If you want him, you need to be willing to do whatever you can to make him happy.

14. You Don’t Think You’ll Break up a Second Time

You don't want to get back together, only to break up again. That's why you should only contact him if you think you can last a lifetime.

15. He’s All You Ever Think about

Is he the only thing that's ever on your mind, even though it's been years since you were last together? Then give him a call.

16. You’re Both Genuinely Sorry

If you feel horrible about the way you treated him in the past, it means you genuinely care about him.

17. He Wants You Too

You can't get back together with him unless you're both on the same page. So hopefully he wants you as much as you want him.


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