How to Wear Wide-Leg Pants This Fall ...

Get you ready to try the trend

Comfortable, chic, and so easy to wear!
They're comfortable, chic, and so easy to wear! But wide-leg pants can be intimidating, so if you need a little street-style inspo to get you ready to try the trend, read on, gorgeous!

1. Swipe Jessica's Style

2. Borrow Victoria's Look

3. Casual Boho Denim

4. Wonderful in White

5. Black Tank Top with White Trousers

6. Pretty in Pink

7. Floral Print

8. Work Trousers

9. White Trousers with a Crop Top

10. Add Stripes

11. High Waist with a Blouse Tucked in

12. With a Tied Waist

13. Get Tweedy

14. Slightly Cropped

15. Add a Narrow Belt & Statement Necklace

16. Cropped at the Ankle

17. Add a Blazer

18. Ready for Work

19. Perfect Peplum on Top, and You're Office-ready

20. Menswear-inspired

21. Add Some Color

22. Basic Beige

23. With a Cuffed Hem

24. A Bold Pattern

25. A Perfect Fit!

26. What an Outfit!

27. Olivia's so Stylish!


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