Mountain Lion Finally Set Free After 20 Years In Chains

To save the mountain lion from the obvious abuse

Transferred to ultimate peace
Mufasa spent 20 years as a Peruvian circus animal. He lived most of his life tied up in chains in the back of a car.

That all changed once Animal Defenders International (ADI) stepped in to save the mountain lion from the obvious abuse.

Not only did they immediately remove Mufasa’s chains, they also transferred him to ultimate peace: the Peruvian forest.

The organization, which rescues animals and works to end animal abuse, also saved a Peruvian bear named Cholita who lived in similar conditions. She was mistreated so badly that she lost the majority of her hair from stress.

ADI has already urged certain countries, such as Peru, Belgium, and Colombia, to pass a law to ban wild animals from appearing in circuses because of a belief that they are abused. But, many of these circuses continued to operate in secret, including the one with Mufasa.

“One by one ADI tracked them down and removed the animals,” the organization explains. “Finally in a dramatic stand-off, during which riot police were called, the last circus was cornered and Mufasa was cut from his chains.”

Just watch the incredible moment Mufasa is able to run free in the video below.


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