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Some real benefits to hold hands

Romantic or a simple sign of affection?
Holding hands can be romantic or a simple sign of affection. It might be reassurance or just “I’m here for you.” There are lots of people through your life you will hold hands with – parents, grandparents, siblings, other relatives, friends, lovers … and each time is unique. But do you do it often enough? There are some real benefits to hold hands more.

1. It is Comforting

One of the best reasons to hold hands is that it can provide a great deal of comfort to both you and your partner in whatever situation you are in. Whether you are in a huge crowd at a concert or simply walking down the street to do some shopping, holding hands sends a silent message that you are happy to be with them and feel comfortable and safe in their company.

2. It’s Completely Natural

Some people feel that the act of hand holding is forced and awkward, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Numerous studies over the years have discovered that hand holding is very prominent in the animal kingdom, with species like penguins, sea otters and even elephants do it (with their trunks, of course!). So if animals hold hands, surely it is one of the most natural things ever?

3. You Feel Connected

The fast paced and impersonal nature of everyday modern life can sometimes leave a person feeling somewhat disconnected from those around them. Through holding hands, you are giving and receiving a much need feeling of human connection that is easy to show. Sometimes all it takes for a person to feel better about themselves is the tiniest amount of human connection.

4. It Provides Warmth

It has been proven that skin to skin contact between people is an excellent way to absorb and release heat, so if you head out for a brisk walk and forget your gloves, the next best thing to do is to hold hands with your partner for a much needed boost of warmth.

5. It Can Be a Pain and Stress Reliever

When you think about it, pressure from your own and other people’s hands is a widely used method of pain and stress relief. From grabbing your partner’s hand in the delivery room to rubbing your own shoulders after a long stressful day at work, our hands can work wonders, and this can be the very same for the act of hand holding which, though not as intensive as something like a massage, can provide a degree of stress relief for the two participants.

6. It’s a Bold Statement

Holding hands with your partner in public can send out a message both to them and to the people who notice that you are immensely proud to have them in your life and that you want everybody to know that the two of you are together. It’s easier than making a t-shirt saying that you love this person. Just grab their hand in public and let it be known that you love them very much!

7. It Can Be Sensual

The fun and interesting thing about hand holding is that different kinds of holds can denote very different atmospheres. For example, a simple hand in hand pose can be comforting and confidence building in public, while a more sensitive, interlocking fingers kind of hold can be indicative of much more sensual, possibly sexual feeling between the two of you. So much can be said in a simple hand hold!

Holding hands is easy and convenient. It takes hardly any effort and perfectly acceptable as a PDA. There are no rules or correct way or wrong way to do it. Are you inspired to hold hands more often?


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